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Contemporary Wanderlust

Publishing Dilemmas.

The Temptations Biopic, a bottle of sweet wine, pens buffing.

I am anticipating another epic
Beatnik Weekend.

What is a Contemporary Beat?
(Beatnik for you Gen XYZs).
Poetry, music, alcohol, composing, originate, photograph, write.
But, the difference is the physical isolation.

The Great Beats of the 1950’s
created genius but with companion debauchery.
As the Beat Generation died and withered underground, that lifestyle was deemed sinister, even as far as bourgeoisie.

By the early 1980’s, On The Road found itself trashed, erased, unknown.
A. Ginsberg was the only soul left, and he was flying far away from his 50’s ego maniac.
Even my own era was oblivious to their magic.

So, returning to what a
Modern Beat is.
Same revolutionizing ideas(with feminism now), with different cigarettes and fashion.
To be a Literary Renegade is all but dead in a technological world, so keeping the movement breathing is
as Ginsberg would say is ”Outrageous.”
*I keep my six degrees of separation in a box.
I had an English Professor in my Undergraduate Studies who met Allen Ginsberg at one of our Invite Only University Parties in the 1970’s.
The story is fantastic. 🙂

A Beat Girl Then.
1950’s Superb.


A Beat Now.
*December 19, 2011.
Me in Barcelona, Spain.

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