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Antagonist Delight

I opened my heart to this week, and I have once again been burned.

I threw a quaint dinner party last night. I spent $100 on preparations, and many hours in the kitchen. Homemade Pad Thai with Curry Coconut Lentil Soup, and I watched one of my guests look down at her plate with fear. She took one bite, and complained the hours away. (I emailed her the Dinner Menu in advance).
*Last Saturday, similar behaviors took place, giving me nothing.

Devastation, no.
Irritability, some.
Bitter, mostly.
Insulted, always.

Epiphany knocked on my conscience.
How could I become afflicted once more?
I don’t.
(I’m generally and absolutely disgusted by human nature).

The easiest concept of interconnecting humans, is not to.
And, if individual mechanisms break down, move out.
Withdraw slowly, dislocate quickly.

This life is not built for others to detonate.

I am mortally gratified without the infinite personal assembly line.


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