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Juice Me

How complex is it to stay away from my indecencies?

I continue to trespass inside, no Passport needed, just classified debauchery.

I have tried it all:
Detox Diets, Juicing, Raw Foods, and I remain forever interminable.
(Cleansing was the blueprint to this failure).

No, I don’t have some glutton fast-food disease(not possible. I’m a Recovered Anorexic).
Rather, my shortcomings are more in the form of genetic intoxication and relapsing autonomies.

The second of the two, will never change. My happiness depends on separatism.
But, the disease is defecting all Monogamy.
I loath friendship.
What Anonymous Room would exist for wanted solitary?

In conditional time I will translate/write about my first born, my dominant routine.
Adide by me, I am not ready to be driven under.


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