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Spring Break Down

I have to be careful with what they see.
The illusion is sweet.
The mask fits well.
The dream, never hollow.
The walls, bend sometimes.

These are little Post-Its I have scattered around my home office.
Some hanging on to an eleven year old desktop.
Some concrete.
Some glued to dusted moments.

I was supposed to be in Florida, visiting a friend from College, but my Hematologist said
”Absolutely not.”

Dead answer.

Now, I have a week to do nothing.
Not as glamorous when poor health is digging a grave(metaphorically for now).

So, what do I do?
Red plaid pajama pants, shades of blue stripped tank top, white slippers, and out of caffeine.
I will have to go somewhere right?

As I contemplate in (one) of my native languages(Hungarian), I don’t want to leave like this.
En semmi mast adni, es en vagyok elegedve vele.
A ketrec az enyem.
Engedj el.

So, my first Springbreak Assignment:
Search and discover.
First, get dressed.
It’s what matters most.


This is Me.
Now and forever.

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