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Friday night blues.
My mind so worn, keeping my own silence was a task.

I did conquer a two-hour emotional analysis, which included finding the wall, tearing it down, and re-building my epiphanies.

A word hauling then most in a lifetime of meanings:
Generalize, Rationalize, Exposure, Philosophize, Transformation.

This leaves me consumed, gasping for a window of release.
I tried to connect with the world, existing among the empty faces and blank eyes.
But, I could not find comfort in rationalizing my hours of talk.
How does buying and spending transmit functioning salvation?

Becoming an apprentice to compartmentalization is the transformation, and exposing fear is the philosophy behind the wall.
Healing, is the general desire as confinement is the final absolution.

Or is it?


Having walls is better then feeling nothing at all.

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