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Mother May I

Eyes open to a refrigerated and dark Thursday morning.
My cat Jackson ”Petting” me to come alive and love him.
Did I really sleep?
Insomnia has been knocking at my bedroom door again.

I recounted the evening before, the hours I spent with her.
My Mother.

Our relationship has been interrupted this past year due to my revolting brother and his cunt wife.
But, let me readdress the disconnect,
Our relationship has never survived.
The birth and death between Mother and Daughter has occurred beyond reincarnation.
To exist along side her as a child was torment, and the damage floated until 1999.

I couldn’t finish last night.
I’m in a car with mortality.
The roads are becoming shorter, as the journey faster.

In truth, an Epic Poem could not capture the casualties of this
Mother Daughter relationship, and I am in no hurry to begin my tale.


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