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Hour Blue

Harpers Bazaar is a mediocre Fashion Magazine, yet there is a segment piece every month that is silly enough to read. Written by the celebrated individual, it’s a prose style hour to hour daily agenda. February was Diane von Furstenberg’s(DvF) opportunity to engage the typical fashion reader onto her stellar yet business life. At 66 years old, DvF has maintained an outstanding relationship with self, and it reflects not only in her Clothing Empire, but as a Career Woman. So, I too am a Career Woman. 32 years old, College Instructor, almost 2 Master’s Degrees behind me, speaks/reads/writes 7 Languages, and is working on a significant Linguistic Theory break-through, why can I not have my hour to hour moment?

4:30a.m, my mind, shaken from Night Terrors.  I realign my ‘Book of Nightmares’ and manage to care for my furkids.
11:00a.m as the sun burns, I am buried in Lesson Plans and Research. I usually sneak in a quick Pilates Session before my Daily Photography hour begins.
3:00p.m I diligently construct myself in my vanity laboratory.
The colors of perfection motivates my being.
4:15p.m Traffic.
5:00p.m Educating the College masses. I actually like my job, so work it is not.
Being apart of minds evolving is extraordinary.
11:00p.m Giving my last minutes of strength to my Boxing Coach.
If my body allows it, a midnight run follows.
2:00a.m Hour Blue. Unwinding the mind. Preparing for a horror picture most call sleep.

Now I know why, a lack of amusement.
My hours are commonly exhausted.

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