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Exit Now

House Blend Cappuccino, NPR, and my feline Jackson waking me from a glorious nap. Both of my Surgeries were canceled today due to my Immune System’s weak state. Rather exit before then death between. So, my Friday is in a hyper gloom. I usually research(I’m working on a,major Linguists Theory) then observe films as I indulge in a few pints, but I am cold, worn, out-of-date. Some say, do what you love! What if I don’t love, anything? For example, this cup of coffee. The mug, short, heavy, egg shell in color with the imfamous green Starbucks logo that I purchased from the Capital chain. Via House Blend by the same chain gang, swimming with artificial vanilla ice cream does give me a Niacin rush. Yet, I don’t love this cup of coffee, rather it’s just apart of my daily life movements. I am not a coffee snob. But, I have tasted some of the best coffee outside the U.S. The problem: I cannot justify myself to committing to loving anything, unless it’s temporary. Love? Yes, I am exclusively in the highbrow club. Melancholy? Permanent member of The Sympathetics. So, Friday Night? Distracted soul sessions crowned with endless questions of Why?


”There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact, it’s all dark ” Pink Floyd

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