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Mirror Drive

4:30a.m my internal alarm woke me, my sense of smell catching damp clothing from the massive shoveling on Tuesday evening.
I reached for my mobile phone, and I had missed the World once again.
My furbabies needed my attention (My Cat (newly Adopted) is sick, and my Dog begging to go outside in the snow left the World on hold.
Breakfast for both, and Diet Mountain Dew for myself(drinking out of the 2Liter bottle is a new habit I have formed), as I turn on NBC for my quick news fix.
I had to Grade State Mid-Terms, answer many emails, and begin to prepare for my next day and a half-Another Medical Journey.

Three hours passed, and I am sitting on my (late) Grandfather’s Futon, laptop centered, gray sweatpants, red spaghetti strap cotton tank top, and anxiety to fill the sky instead of the stars.
I leave today for a 1.5 day Colon Treatment, and I am not nervous, but more curiosity and concern.
I have spent so much of my hours in Hospitals, that the drive will be short, and the Inpatient Process a breeze, but I still have the right to my distress.

I have someone looking in on my furbabies(Apache, my 5-year-old Aussie/Lab Dog,  & Jackson, my 2-year-old Tuxedo Cat), and I am uneasy about anything else, but just making sure I am back in the Classroom as a College Educator on Thursday Evening.
A Sub has already been present in my Classroom two weeks ago, so my body no matter the condition must be present.
I have a few hours to rest, and then I leave with my life mirror and literally nothing else to lose.

Failing Health strengthens determination and the soul, but leaves a constant reflection of mortality.


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